14 ene. 2010


Some may wonder how peoples slogan changed from where is my vote? into I shall have revenge for my fallen brother! Well, I believe this is How

Iran - Tehran - Eldery man shot in the head - 27.dec.2009 - Coleg Junction.

Old woman injured

Iranian Police smashed a protester in Ashoura Day in 27 Dec. 2009

A young boy injured


Protesters fights the anti riot police


Gunfire and people’s fight


People attack








Official security forces are surrounding a young woman and beating her up while she's screaming. Later on, the video shows how these forces are trying to excite the protesters and people who are mourning on Ashoora, by beating them while they're calmly walking. They also try to pass through pedestrians on their motorbikes, just to excite and scare them away. This is happening near "Darvazeh Dowlat" which is the cross section of Enghelab and Mofatteh Ave. in central Tehran.




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